This page is dedicated to the arduous task of continually educating mankind about the next phase in our revolution. We have overthrown tyrants of many forms throughout the centuries of recorded history. It is time for us to shed the chains of the most dreaded and constant tyrant: the tyrant within each and every one of us.

These are some simple truths in life we must accept to fully adopt a persuasive rather than coercive lifestyle:

  • Nothing suppresses human creativity and intellect faster and more effectively than coercion in it’s four forms: violence, deceit or manipulation, theft and threats.
  • Through coercion in society, we violate the sovereignty of others; their rights of person, property, and pursuit of happiness.
  • Through coercion in our personal relationships, we alienate those whom we love the most.
  • Persuasion > Coercion. Persuasion is always more powerful and effective in the long term; coercion just seems more powerful and effective in the short term. Long term use of coercion to achieve a goal often has the direct opposite of the intended effect.
  • The world will never be perfect, and the Non-aggression principle or the rejection of ALL coercion in society is never going to make a utopia. No system or ‘ism’ will ever make a utopia. In fact they often prove to accomplish just the opposite.
  • Human beings are not inherently good or evil, we are creatures capable of BOTH good and evil. That is our nature.
  • Human beings can be nurtured and taught to persuade rather than coerce, starting from a very young age.
  • What happens and is allowed to happen on the individual level will always filter up through all the machinery of society. If we are poisoned from within, there will never be an antidote one or a group of ones could apply without.
  • Patience is required.
  • Empathy¬† is required.
  • Tolerance of other peoples’ views are required. It is the mark of true intelligence to be able to entertain a thought yet not fully believe it.
  • We must admit when we are wrong, or even accept the possibility we may be wrong, and not suffer from cognitive dissonance.
  • Knowledge or truth is always changing whereas fact does not. Learn the difference between the two: facts and truth.

About the Author

I am a middle aged human who cherishes the ideals of human liberty, objective thought and ethics. This is my first blog on the subject of persuasion versus coercion, yet I have been very active in learning all that I can about ethics, persuasion, the philosophy of liberty, the philosophy of non-aggression, voluntaryism, non-literal theism and generally treating people like… well… human beings.